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You know what I cannot fully understand?


How Isaac Hanson is older than Tom Hiddleston (only by a year but still)

I don’t know…

Isaac (Turning 32 in November)

Tom (31 years old)

For reals?

*goes to IMDB*

Well look at that… Ike was born in 80’ and Tom was born in 81’.


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20 yrs of Hanson!

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Awoken by the sunlight

even though I shut the shades last night

Someone cast a shadow through the peephole, looking in.

Your touch makes the goosebumps roll like thunder outside

I got the feeling that the storm’s about to arrive.


Isaac Hanson is epic.

He really is. His guitar skills are amazing. It’s unbelievable how he can play the crap outta of If Only while jumping up and down with all of us. <3